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The lifeblood on janitorial services is in the inspection because it is here where organized examination or formal evaluation is exercised.  Measurements, test, and gauges applied to certain characteristics of your operation activities will help to keep your cleaning company in business.


So while inspection is the lifeblood, "work orders" represents the heart itself.  The company should effectively manage and utilize the never ending stream of work requests so that these needs will be fulfilled quickly with efficiently and not waste the valuable resources of the company.


And those resources can go beyond time and money if instead of boiling your employee's with paperwork and paper trails for client's request, your employees can instead utilize them for other valuable tasks other than those mundane chores.


One effective solution for managing client workloads and streamlining day to day tasks for your cleaners is using mobile work order software since this CleanTelligent software will eliminate the use of papers.  This does not only impact a considerable amount of paper cost that your cleaning business uses, this also eliminate the time it takes to write or encrypt it before handing it over as reports.  With this the work order for individual cleaners can be given wherever location they may be if they are not in office or perhaps on a vacation.


It is also possible for supervisors to receive notifications and new text messages from their cleaners when they have completes their tasks, and this can all be done from mobile devices.  It also benefits clients because they are given access to their records on their own time.


Because this software tracks very communication stream like texting, emails, phone calls and instant messaging it then becomes difficult to trace information from past conversation.  Using mobile work orders can decrease the use of other tools and they will only rely on a single software platform for business communication.  


When you carefully chose a well designed CleanTelligent software solution to reduce your workload, spend less time scheduling employee's work, and confidently prove contract fulfillment to your clients you must see to it that you are not using too many tools to manage your cleaning business.  This software includes inspections, work orders, bidding, and estimation,  job scheduling, survey, and reports.  With this kind of software, the controller and the cleaners are allowed to create an easy to do list so tasks can be completed and checked off as soon as possible.  This will make your clients happier with your service because they don't have to keep on reminding you of delayed or forgotten work.


With a janitorial software you can manage your work orders in a way that can reduce costs and simply the process of tracking activities that go on in your business. Visit to read more about this.